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Poker programs

Pokerio programos:





Calculatem Pro

Removes the distraction of trying to calculate all of the odds during play and automatically does the work for you - letting you concentrate on your game so you can win more


Coach Rounder

Upload your hand histories to Coach Rounder's servers… give them 24 hours to review them… and then PRESTO—you’ll get a personalized, 7-page report with simple, step-by-step instructions of how you can improve your online poker game


Draw Poker Source

With the DPS software suite, every hand is recorded and players are analyzed automatically. After obtaining data on opponents, DPS can offer recommendations on a hand-per-hand basis and even offer general improvement suggestions by analyzing your previous play



Is an add-on for PokerTracker, a commercial program for tracking online poker statistics on your opponents. GameTime+ takes these statistics, and displays them in a "heads-up" display on your poker client software


Holdem Genius

Calculates hand odds, pot odds, and much more…all in real-time Instantly provides ultra-accurate in-game betting advice based on your odds of winning Automatically reads all cards in play – no manual inputs required Ideal for playing multiple games at once Tells you if your holding the nuts or which exact hands can beat you


Holdem Indicator

Offers instant poker odds, real time opponent statistics and betting patterns in simple and easy to understand displays. With this feature-rich poker odds calculator, you’ll immediately have every piece of information you need to make intelligent and profitable decisions


Holdem Manager



Holdem Partner

感ocket Card Analysis 感ocket Card Ranks 感ocket Card Nicknames 感ocket Card Odds 感ocket Card Professional Recommendations 感ocket Card Ranks 慈vercard Percentages 意umber of Outs after the Flop 幹lop Analysis 幹lop Odds 幹lop Professional Recommendations 愁urn Analysis 愁urn Odds 愁urn Professional Recommendations 愛iver Analysis 愛iver Professional Recommendations 慈nline Poker Tells



Software for Real Time opponent profiling, Simultaneously track up to 100 tables, Run any table in any of three modes


Omaha Poker Coach

Can follow your play automatically, instantly offering outs, odds and recommendations for your next actions, thus giving you a clear edge in the extremely fast online play



Instant Odds Calculation, Intuitive and Easy to Use, Auto Table Detect and Read, Any Card Odds Probability, Potential Win Hand Analysis, Opponent Strength Analysis, User Definable Settings, Unlimited Support and Upgrades, Lightning 24/7 Customer Service


Poker Academy Prospector

In-depth, easy to use poker stats analysis package designed to make you a more profitable player. Comes fully equipped with an abundance of stats, performance reports, hand replayer, advanced stats filtering, multi database storage capacity for all your hands and a clean interface to facilitate your poker analysis


PokerAce HUD

A companion application for the PokerTracker online poker hand history tracking application. PA Hud reads the statistics from PokerTracker and places them directly on the poker client window as you play



Personal Odds Calculator. Provides you with the hands odds and recommendations while you play, in real-time, Enables you to enhance your poker skills and improve your game, An easy-to-use, intuitive interface that 'accompanies' you as you play


Poker Buddy

Resting quietly in your Window taskbar or in your Palm until you need him, PokerBuddy is ready to help you with various tasks necessary to being successful in the world of poker. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, PokerBuddy can help you track and improve your game


Poker Indicator

Auto-reads cards and automatically attaches itself to game table. Absolutely no input is required. Fits your game table better than ANY other odds calculator on the market, so you can better focus on your game play without needless distraction. More accurate poker odds calculation than ANY other odds calculator. Gives you the exact odds in every situation, that creates an advantage for you on a consistent basis. Opponent Stats helps you better understand your opponent's playing styles. You can even run Poker Indicator while you wait to sit at a table, collecting vital player information - before you ever risk a cent! NO other poker calculator on the market has this feature! Auto-displays your opponent's mucked hands at showdown, so there is no need to check the hand history. Shows the critical EV and Sklansky Group rating for your hole cards, which indicate how strong or weak your starting hand really is. This feature alone will save you money time and again by preventing you from going on tilt. Displays total outs and the exact probability of hitting a particular hand. Clear pot odds display to help qualify your next move – check, raise, call or fold. YOU HAVE THE NUTS ALERT: Eliminates any confusion when you have the best possible hand. This way you can concentrate on how to extract the most money possible from your helpless opponents. Supports multi-tables at a time



PokerOffice is more than just a poker odds calculator and poker software. Allows you to track all of your opponent's actions as well as your own poker game while you are playing, without any need for hand histories or user input


Poker Sharpener

Helps you win more money by providing real time statistics, and giving you the tools to analyze your Texas Holdem game and become a better poker player


Poker Sidekick

Online Texas Holdem poker expert assistant and odds calculator that determines your actual odds of real hands that could be drawn, and then teaches you HOW to win at Texas Hold'em poker tournaments and ring games by monitoring your actual play in real-time, guiding you through how best to play each hand, and teaching you how to master the game along the way



Full featured poker tool and the Leader in Real Time Player Profiling. Our Patent Pending Alert System and Game Tracker constantly watches your game and alerts you of opponent's play. It will even show hands your opponents muck at the showdown! Includes Poker Odds Calculator, Reports and more...



Online poker hand tracker, and a powerful statistical database program that allows you to not only know and analyze your opponent's weaknesses and strengths, but also your own. PokerStat versions support Hold'Em and Omaha Hi and HiLo 8 games and tournaments on PokerStars. No-limit and pot-limit hands and tournament results are also supported. PokerStat is a shareware statistical analysis program for tracking online poker hand histories and tournament results, designed for intermediate to advanced players at all limits. Anyone who want to start winning, or improve their winnings, will benefit from PokerStat's statistical analysis. PokerStat is not designed for beginning players, or players who play for fun only. You should have some knowledge of poker strategy first. Currently it tracks PokerStars Hold'Em and Omaha games and tournaments


Poker Tracker

Windows based computer program that allows you to analyze your on-line Texas Hold'Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo and Razz play. Poker Tracker stores and summarizes hand history data that can be downloaded from your poker site



Automated poker odds calculator and hand analyzer for PartyPoker, PokerStars and a wide variety of other poker rooms. It quietly sits on your taskbar until a table has focus, at which time an easy-to-read monitor appears on the bottom of your screen showing the odds of winning the hand among a variety of other essential pieces of information. PokerVitals provides the information you need, without the unnecessary clutter associated with our competition.



Includes the poker calculator [starting hand calculator, odds of winning calculator, and pot odds calculator based on number of outs] for Texas Hold 'em, Omaha, & Omaha High low. Also a poker journal (poker diary), stat tracker and report generator


Poker Wingman

A free poker odds calculator. It helps up your game by giving advice when you’re deciding to fold, call or raise. Poker Wingman is like a personal Holdem coach that gives you the red or green light as you play each hand


Poker Wingman Pro

Poker pot odds calculator. It contains all the good stuff in the free poker odds software, plus some cool extra features for that razor-sharp competitive edge.


Sit and Go End Game Tools

Tool for calculating the correct plays in the later stages of sit and go tournaments. Because these decisions are so easy to quantify, and so important to your win rate it, is important to master them if you want to become a serious winner. With this revolutionary tool you can get advice while you play with our Real Time analyzer (Premium version only) or go back over decisions later to find the holes in your game and plug them forever (available in standard version). SNGEGT uses an ICM calculator as it's core but automates the processes for you so that you don't have to be a math wizard or spend hours with a notebook to find out that what the correct play was


Sixth Sense

Keeps a real-time list of all of the current tables across a list of sites. It allows you to sort these tables based on the quality of the players at the table using your own Hand History Database. Upon first release, it will only work for PartyPoker, but we have plans to quickly branch out to many other networks. It will allow you to sort the tables across all of these sites according to how profitable they will be to you.



Lets you see who is online and what tables they are playing on including the stars.The poker buddy list works across multiple poker sites at the same time so you don't have to jump around from site to site. As more and more players play on different poker sites this tool will let you keep all the information in one place including any notes you have on the player and the player type icons you select. Smart Buddy works with all games types including Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz and Horse


Sit-n-Go Power Tools

Teaches the most important aspects of correct all-in strategy by combining probability and tournament strategy concepts in an easy to use way. While you could do all of this work by hand, the Power Tools eliminate the tedium of performing the necessary calculations, giving you valuable insight into how to beat these games for a healthy profit.


STT Analyzer

There's quite a bunch of No Limit Hold'em SnG analyzing tools like SnG-PT and others out there. However they don't work while playing (you can only import old hand histories) and they aren't free. The STT Analyzer was designed for (semi-)realtime use, it reads from the hand history folder every few seconds to grab the latest stacks. The STT analyzer currently serves 2 purposes: It diplays your own $EV and that of all your opponents. It allows you to compute your open-push equity against 2 hand ranges simultaneously.


Stud Inspector

Online 7-Card Stud Inspector is an add-on software for online 7 card stud poker game. If you run the Inspector while playing online, it will keep track of all the live cards and all the dead cards. The program then displays detailed stats for your current hand instantly.



Telescope is a windows program that makes pokertable selection easy and fast on PokerStars. The main feature of Telescope is to be able display the list of the players sitting at a poker table, their statistics, as well as the tables averages, without having to open the table window.


Texas Calculatem

Watches while you play with Auto-Read, offers instant poker odds and advice throughout the Texas Holdem game, and gives you a considerable edge in the fast-paced online environment. This poker odds calculator is an absolute must for anyone who plays at real money Texas Holdem tables. It is also a valuable teaching aid for people wanting to learn the basics of Texas Holdem game strategy



Free source for tracking online tourneys and players


Tournament Indicator

Tournament Indicator instantly calculates the critizal Mzones for all players at table, pot odds, and all-in hand strength, while profiling your opponents



A poker calculator for Texas Hold'em. It is currently available free of charge, with no spyware, spam or other annoyances. There many poker programs that can calculate poker odds. Most of these poker simulators use a general purpose algorithms to perform the poker odds calculations. This generic approach doesn't take advantage of the full range of possible optimizations. To explore the effect of global optimizations, a preflop evaluator which can fully enumerate complex preflop situations was developed. This "zealous" evaluator is able to compute an exact solution roughly 100 times faster than any general purpose evaluator. PokerStove is the result of this work.


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